Enzymes, Hormones & My Skin. A Story.

In this story you will read about how giving birth, dealing with meltdowns and receiving salvation (for my skin at least) all come together with a happy ending!  

One of my first aha moments with Young Living came quite unexpectedly as I was getting a spa treatment a few years ago.  I was living in Brooklyn and  bought a groupon for a facial at a day spa in Tribeca.  I had recently re-discovered Young Living and I was using a few products mostly for my kids at bedtime.  One of the oils that I had on hand was Gentle Baby.  I will never forget how I used Gentle Baby one night when my son was over tired and hungry.  I was amazed as he transformed from a crying, screaming toddler having a meltdown to a calm child able to eat his dinner after I put a couple of drops of Gentle Baby on my hand and then on his head.  Even though the blend was developed for infants I had read in my Desk Reference book that it was also good for skin.  I have always loved the smell, very soothing and calming, and I hoped that just maybe it could also help my skin so it became part of my night time routine.

For me getting a facial is a treat.  However, whenever I did go I would usually get a small lecture from the esthetician.  She would tell me that my skin is dry, I had too many age spots and, of course, wrinkles….yada yada.  The last esthetician I saw, before my groupon,  did not even wait to get me on the table before she started to tell me how bad my skin was. Honestly, she wasn’t telling me anything I didn’t already know.  I knew that I wasn’t taking care of my skin at that time.  I had not found products that I liked, could afford, or had found to be effective so I wasn’t doing much to support having healthy skin and it showed.  When I got on the table, at my groupon spa,  and out comes the big scary bright magnifying glass I was ready for what was about to be said.  At least I thought I was.  But then the conversation went something like this….

Her (inspecting my skin) – Your skin looks good.

Me – What?  Wait.  Really?!!

Her – Yeah, nice elasticity, some age spots.  But overall it looks good.

Me – Seriously?!  Elasticity?  That’s not what I usually hear.  (Then I paused and pondered.)  You know I’ve been using this essential oil blend.  I think it might have helped my skin. 

Her – Could be.  What oil?

Me – It’s a blend called Gentle Baby….

Her (interrupting me) – I know Gentle Baby!  We’re going to start doing prenatal massage using Gentle Baby next month.  I love……

We then went on to talk about the oils we love and which ones are good for skin, like lemon & sandalwood.  It always amazed me that of all the day spas in NYC I found an esthetician that knew about and used Young Living herself.  I was also amazed at how an oil, that had helped me soothe and calm my kids would also be great for my skin!  How awesome is that?  Grand plans of ordering vats of Gentle Baby so that I could see a bit more "elasticity" in places where the sun doesn’t shine also crossed my mind, but sadly, never came to fruition.

Ok so what does any of this have to do with enzymes, hormones and my skin?  Hang on I’m getting there.  I was having more break outs at 43 than I did at 13.  Ugh.  I knew my hormones were out of whack but I didn’t know what to do about it.  Essential oils like lemon & lavender helped to ease the break outs but what I was needing was something that could stop them from starting in the first place.  That’s when I read a a post on Gary Young’s blog mentioning that enzymes could help with hormones.  Really??!!  I was surprised to read how many of us, especially women who have given birth, need more protein enzymes in their diet to support hormone health.  I had been a vegetarian from the age of 14 until just before my daughter was born when I was 35.  I’m still not much of a fan of meat, unless, of course, it’s bacon (I know, I know) so my diet definitely lacks in animal proteins.   Now, and this is where the Gentle Baby story comes in, I had used YL products long enough and had experienced enough surprise benefits that I was willing to give the enzymes a go.  Even though I had not researched or had heard any other mention of enzymes supporting hormone health prior to reading that blog post.  


Results?  I am most happy to say my skin is looking faaaabulousss!  Once I started using the essentialzyme-4 and the ART skin care system I noticed an almost immediate improvement.  What had been an escalating problem of break out after break out just stopped.  One word – AWESOME!!!!!   I have been using both products for a couple of months and my skin not only looks better to me but also feels better.  I only just recently had a couple pop up and I think I know why.  I ran out of the essentialzyme-4 ( my husband also discovered the benefits of enzymes so now I have to share :)  )and I think the lapse in using them made a difference in my skin.  As a note, Young Living has two different enzymes that sound similar.  Essentialzyme & essentialzyme-4. I prefer the essentialzyme-4.  I can’t tell you what the formula difference is between the two only that I like the essentialzyme-4 better for me.  I usually just take it once a day, at night because that’s when I remember and I also read that taking enzymes after a big meal will help you sleep better (one more awesome benefit of these awesome enzymes).

I know that in the scope of things having bad skin is a minor problem but this was something that caused me stress and discomfort.  Not only that but it was also a clear indication that something else was out of balance.  I just love that I was able to take care of my health, and hormone health is very important, naturally.  Once again Young Living had an answer to a problem I had no idea I was going to have. Awesome, seriously awesome.

Francine Smith blogs about using Young Living Oils for better health, naturally.  You can find more posts at www.younglivinglife.com.  You can contact her at younglivinglife@gmail.com.