A Natural Apothecary with Young Living Oils – Part III

This is Part III of how to use Young Living oils every day as a natural apothecary.  These amazing oils can be used to relieve pain, to reduce stress or depression, or to fight colds, to name just a few of the many benefits.  Better quality oils generate more therapeutic effects.  If you use an oil of lesser quality, it might have little to no effect at all.  This isn’t because essential oils aren’t beneficial, it’s because that particular oil has little to no therapeutic value.  As with so many products, quality makes a difference.  For my family, I want the very best essential oil that I can find.

If you have not read Part I or Part II please read those as well.  Once again, when I suggest ingesting an oil I am only talking about Young Living essential oils.  I personally would never ingest any other oil and I would never recommend doing so with any other oil.

Lemon – This is such an amazing oil.  Can you think of any  substance that can eat through styrofoam with just one drop and also be safely used on an infant?  I certainly can’t.  Here is a fun thing to do with your kids – one drop of YL lemon oil on a styrofoam cup.  Watch as it instantly begins to eat away at the chemicals in the cup.  It’s pretty cool.  It makes me think about all those uninvited chemicals that are floating around in my body and I wonder (and hope) that when I add some lemon to my water or on my skin it is able to eat up all those unwanted invaders.  I really hope so.  Lemon oil gives a boost to our immune systems and is gentle enough for infants and young children.  It’s also part of my anti-wrinkle, brighten up my skin bed time routine (see the recipe under Frankincense below).  It is a photosensitive oil so use on areas that are not exposed to direct sunlight (like the bottom of the feet) if you are going outside after applying.  Here is a link to a PubMed abstract about D-limonene, which is found in lemon oil, and it’s clinical applications.

  • I like to add  a few drops to my water bottle for taste and so that I get a nice dose of limonene, an antitumoral that has been shown to not only inhibit tumor growth but to regress it as well.
  • Permanent marker on your walls?  Not a match for lemon oil.  Also works on sticky residues as well.
  • Massage into the feet for an immune boost if you are sick or feel like you might be coming down with something.  Can be used on infants, children or adults.

Purification – This is such a handy oil to have around the house.  It is awesome at deodorizing unwanted smells like my dogs when they are in need of a bath or when, on the very rare occasion,  I forget my laundry in the washing machine for a day too long.  My favorite ways for using this oil are…

  • A few drops in a spray bottle with water.  I use it in the bathrooms, on the dogs beds, even on the dogs themselves!
  • As a bug repellent, use the same spray bottle and spray clothes, skin or dogs to repel bugs.  Also use directly, undiluted,  on a bug bite.
  • A few drops on a cotton ball and vacuum up and you will deodorize your rooms as you clean them!
  • Use to clean cuts & scrapes.

Frankincense - I love Frankincense (ok, I love them all)!  At first I was not that  enamored with this oil when I got it.  But it has certainly grown on me.  I love using it at night before bed on my face.   It is a great oil for meditation or prayer and has shown in numerous studies it’s ability to shut down cancer cells without harming healthy cells ( genius!).  For links to that study and a lot more information about this incredible oil please see my post, “The Awesome Power of Frankincense”. Frankincense supports the immune system, is an anti-tumoral and is also great for skin.

  • Anti -wrinkle routine:  One drop lemon – use only at night, brightens skin (and lightens sun spots).  One drop frankincense & one drop lavender.  I put them on one by one.   As our skin cells take at least 30 days to regenerate do this at night for at least that amount of time.  I have personally seen improvement in less time though.
  • If you feel sick this oil can be taken internally, diffused or applied right on area of concern.  If you take internally, start with 3 drops in a double oo capsule.
  • Use one drop directly on warts or moles.  Repeat as often as needed until the desired effect has been achieved.

I hope you have enjoyed this three part series.  I have just touched on some of the many, many uses for these oils.  All of the oils in this three part series can be found in the Everyday Oils kit.  It is an awesome kit to have whether you are new to oils or have been using them for years.  The small bottles are perfect to keep in your bag or are great to travel with.  I love sharing these oils and I know that once you try them you will notice the difference.  Please contact me if you have any questions about any Young Living oils or products.

Can’t wait to get started using Young Living Oils?  Great! See my “How to Order Young Living Oils” page for more details.

Francine Smith blogs about Young Living Essential oils.  You can find more posts at www.younglivinglife.com


Young Living Essential Oils, how they work and why we should use them.

Many people know what essential oils look like.  For example,  you see them in the health food store and they smell good, but most are not sure where they come from or what to do with them.  What are essential oils?  Essential oils are distilled from the leaves, stems,  and flowers of plants or they can come from the resin of trees.  The oils contain hundreds of natural organic compounds.  Essential oils are the immune system of the plant.  They protect the plant from bacteria, mold and viruses.  They also carry oxygen and nutrients to the plant cells.  Lucky for us, essential oils do the same for humans and animals.  Essential oils can be applied topically, either diluted or neat.  They can also be inhaled and ingested.  No matter how you use the oils they will be quickly taken up into the blood stream and go to work.  Many people feel instant relief when a pure therapeutic grade essential oil is used, even if the pain does not go away entirely at first, the pain will decrease significantly in time.  For example, the other day I had a bit of an upset stomach, which I rarely have, and I put a single drop of peppermint in my water.  I felt relief with one sip and my stomach felt normal long before I finished the bottle.  When using essential oils it is so important to know the quality of the oils.  I only  use Young Living Essential Oils because I know they are pure therapeutic grade oils.  Before you ingest any oil please be certain that the oil is pure and is safe to do so.


The plant matter is put in a stainless steel cylinder with steam running up from the bottom.  On the Young Living Farm in Mona, Utah, the cylinder is about 20 feet tall and 8 feet across.  The plant is packed into the cylinder in a way so that the most material can be processed while still allowing the steam to easily flow up through the distiller.  The steam draws out the oil and it is taken out through the top .  The steam is cooled and the oil separates from the water.   How much oil do you get?  It differs from plant to plant.  If there was roman chamomile in the distiller you would only get 1/4-1/2 cup of essential oil.  This is why a small bottle of oil may cost $30 or more but when you stop and think about how effective one drop is then you begin to see how economical they really are.  When you have a pure  oil, one drop of that pure oil can do more good than many drops of an adulterated and diluted oil.  Rose oil is a very expensive oil because  it takes at least 5,000 pounds of rose petals to make 1 pound of rose oil.  It takes 3 tons of melissa to distill one pound of oil!  It takes a lot of material to make a small amount of oil but the oil that we get is very concentrated and one drop goes a long way.  For instance, one drop of peppermint oil is the equivalent of 28 cups of peppermint tea!  We live in the desert and my husband and I have been enjoying putting one drop of peppermint in our water bottles.  It keeps us cool, it’s energizing and it tastes really good (also note the soothing stomach upset benefit mentioned above).  One drop in 32 oz of water is effective and economical.  I know it is a pure oil it is safe for us to ingest.  Please see my “Why Choose Young Living Essential Oils” page to learn more about what to look for in a pure oil.

Why Use Essential Oils?

In my opinion, this is such an important question to ask!  Why use essential oils when we can go to the store and buy a whole assortment of drugs that can take care of this pain or that ailment.  Plants are studied all the time for their healing abilities.  Researchers isolate the one or two compounds in the plant that they believe are responsible for the healing effect then synthetically reproduce those compounds in a lab to be packaged as a pharmaceutical.  The problem is that the compounds that make up an essential oil work synergistically.  The essential oils contain hundreds of compounds that attack viruses and bacteria without doing any harm to the person.  I love those drug ads (ok, not really) that show you a person suffering from a condition, looking miserable, until the wonder drug is introduced.  Then, all smiles.  My favorite part comes at the end of the commercial where someone mentions all the possible side effects (while speaking so fast you can hardly understand what they are saying).  We’ve all heard them before: constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, strokes and yes, even death.  Of course those are just a few of possible side effects from synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Let’s also talk about the overuse of drugs.  Allopathic medicine treats symptoms.  Often a patient is prescribed a drug to treat specific symptoms.  The patient experiences side effects when taking the drug.  The doctor prescribes another drug to relieve the side effects.  Then another, and another.  I think the only people who could possibly be happy about this scenario are the drug companies.  The other problem is the over prescribing of antibiotics.  I just read an article, “Are you ready for a world without antibiotics?”, on The Guardian website.  Because antibiotics are synthetic and made in a lab, they have to be standardized.  The microorganisms that are targeted by these drugs have developed immunity, hence they are referred to as “super bugs” .  In the article, Professor Tim Walsh states: “We have a bleak window of maybe 10 years, where we are going to have to use the antibiotics we have very wisely, but also grapple with the reality that we have nothing to treat these infections with.”  As a powerful alternative, we have essential oils.  The oils are not standardized because they come from plants and trees that grow in different conditions and locations all over the world.  It is much more difficult for the microbes to develop immunity to them.  In fact, studies have shown that essential oils are effective in fighting super bugs as noted in this article from Science Daily, “Essential Oils to Fight Super Bugs”.  The article notes the essential oils of thyme and cinnamon are very effective in  eliminating bacteria.  ”Not only are essential oils a cheap and effective treatment option for antibiotic-resistant strains, but decreased use of antibiotics will help minimise the risk of new strains of antibiotic resistant micro-organisms emerging,” said Professor Samaras.  I feel even better using essential oils knowing that I am tapping into natural sources that will ultimately be more effective than synthetic drugs.

My very good friend has a gland condition that pops up whenever she is stressed and tired.  Her usual treatment is to get a round of antibiotics from her doctor.  About 10 months ago, when it last came up I gave her a bottle of Thieves (an essential oil blend) and told her to use it next time her throat felt sore.  Of course, she promptly put it in the back of a drawer and forgot about it until about a month ago.  She was in the middle of a very important project and her throat was beginning to really bother her.  She didn’t want to deal with calling the doctor, getting the prescription, then waiting for the drugs to kick in.  She dug out the bottle, put some on her throat and feet at bedtime, and awoke feeling much better.  She used more Thieves and no longer needed to call her doctor for a prescription.  She is quite familiar with this condition and knows that if she doesn’t get the antibiotics, it gets worse.  It was nothing short of a “miracle”.  Those were her words, not mine.  I believe a lot of time and money can be saved by using just a few drops of select oils.

I have young kids, ages 5 and 7.  Before I began using the oils, I would use over the counter meds, like Tylenol, only when I felt I really needed them.  If the kids had a fever and were comfortable, I would let them be unless they couldn’t sleep, in which case I would give them the meds.  I recently found an article on Reuters UK about “Acetaminophen tied to childhood wheezing and allergies” – Yikes!!!  There needs to be more studies but it seems that the use of Tylenol in children under 1 can lead to allergic nasal  congestion and eczema as well as asthma.  They are not ready to advise not using children’s Tylenol but my thoughts as a parent is why wait to find out and at the least minimize usage.  Essential oils can be used on infants safely, and my children now prefer the oils when they have a bruise or a fever.  I also find the oils work much faster than waiting the 20 minutes for the Tylenol to kick in.  Myrtle, lemon, lavender, Valor, Gentle Baby and Peace & Calming are all oils that can be used on infants and children for either bumps, burns, cuts, fevers and fussiness.  Basically, there is an oil for every ailment, it’s just a matter of finding the right one.

Using essential oils is just one part of a healthy lifestyle.  I think we all want  balance in our lives and many times we need a bit of  help to maintain that balance.  Using essential oils can help to ease pain, headaches, soothe sores, aid sleep, they can help restore harmony to the body in a safe, natural and effective way.  I know we can use less drugs, those that are over the counter as well as prescription, if only more people knew of the power of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.

Can’t wait to get started using Young Living Oils?  Great! See my “How to Order Young Living Oils” page for more details.

Francine Smith blogs about Young Living Essential oils.  You can find more posts at www.younglivinglife.wordpress.com