Ningxia Red + Your Freezer = Ahhhhhhh!

Here in the desert it’s already getting hot.  It’s still only April but we have already hit the 100 degree mark.  I know – ugh!  It’s probably not that hot where you live (lucky, lucky you!)  but let’s face it – summer is coming.   So here is a summer tip for you.  My friend, Melissa, turned me onto this last summer.  I’ll let you decide if this post is early or late!

One thing I really like about my kids school is that they do get out for recess and breaks a couple of times during the day.  Which is great because I think kids need that and our old school in Brooklyn did not let them out as much.  Problem is somedays it is really, really  hot.  Enter Ningxia Red packs.  I love these handy, dandy packs for their lunch boxes.  It’s a great way to get a high antioxident whole fruit juice into their diet.  It’s nutrient dense and low in sugar.  Hurrah!  Once the heat arrives I throw the packs in the freezer and whamo, bamo instant frozen slushie fruity treat!  Thanks Melissa – so genius!

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Um.. Hi! Remember Me?!

 Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve lasted posted.  Back in October I was planning on making some changes to the blog but then life sort of got in the way.  A very good friend of mine came for a visit and by the time he left I had decided to open an Etsy store selling vintage items.  My love for vintage got re-ignited and I’ve been having fun filling the shop with great vintage finds.  I grew up going to antique shows and flea markets and when I lived in Manhattan I was just blocks away from the famed 26th St. Market. I still have treasures from there where the above friend and I would spend many Saturday mornings going from booth to booth looking for something that caught our eye.  There is a link on the sidebar to see some of the items in my shop or here is a link to HotCoolVintage if you want have a peek.

I’ve also just started pinning!  OMG, very fun and highly addictive (you’ve been warned)!  Are you scratching your head and wondering what is pinning?  I just joined Pinterest (Pin Interest) and have made a few boards.  My favorite so far is my Young Living board.  I just love having a place to collect all the amazing things I find around the web including YL oils and my Etsy shop, as well as the places I’ve been and where I want to go.  I’ve just started but I know I will be filling in many more boards to come.  I’ve added a link on the sidebar so you can follow me or here is a link to my home page if you want to check it out.  You can follow all my boards or just my Young Living board.  

Ok, enough about all that other stuff lets talk oils!  Of course, just because I haven’t been blogging does not mean I have not been using my oils.  Not a chance!  Actually, I’ve got loads of tips I want to share but I’m just going to talk about Di-Gize & M-Grain today.  I’m fairly new to Di-Gize and so I haven’t used it that much.  Di-Gize is one of those oils that I have on hand for when we need it.  It is to be used for digestion, upset stomachs, bloating, gas pains or nausea.  Recently, I woke up feeling just ick – headache and upset tummy. Ugh.  Later that day my daughter and I were scheduled to participate in our Girl Scout Troop cookie booth.  Being cookie Mom for our troop I had all the cookies, the table and everything else we needed.  I was at the point where I was walking around with a bucket hoping that I would throw up soon!  Finally, it hits me Di-Gize!  I put a couple of drops on my stomach and hurrah, nausea cleared.  Di-Gize saves the day!  So ridiculously fast and easy.  I used  M-Grain for my headache and my daughter and I were able to do the cookie booth after all.  Simple, effective, easy!


   I’ve used Di-Gize on my kids and even though they don’t like the smell it does soothe their tummies.  I like to sneak beans into my tomato sauce.  My son, who would never in a million years eat a bean unless it was well disguised, is not used to them.  He usually gets a bit of gas afterwards so I use a drop of Di-Gize to relieve the discomfort quickly.  Works every time.    It can be used on young or old and it can be diluted with the V-6 if needed.  Di-Gize can also be taken internally to relieve digestion discomfort.  

M-Grain is one of my favorite headache remedies.  It really depends on where I’m standing and what’s in reach when I realize I need relief. I’ve had this bottle of M-Grain for years.  Like over 10 years!  Still safe and still effective even after all that time ( a m a z i n g)!  M-Grain was formulated specifically to help relieve migraine and stress headaches.  If I don’t have M-Grain in reach I use Pan-Away.  Both work well for me but if I didn’t have either of those on hand I would use peppermint or lavender or stress away.  That is why these oils are just so amazing – one oil or blend can wear many hats.


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Head Lice…….Eewwwww!

Head lice – eewww, yuck, gross.  The only thing nice we could say about head lice is that it’s not dangerous and it’s an equal opportunity pest.  Lovely.  We could also say that it’s disgusting and annoying.

Now that school has begun, it is just a matter of time before head lice start making the rounds.  Our school year started one month ago and there have already been a couple of cases of lice reported, which prompted me to do a little research.  I know that there are chemical-laden products that I can buy at my local drugstore but that’s not really my style.  Since getting rid of lice usually takes repeated treatments I do not want to use harsh chemicals over and over again on my kids’ heads.  I’ve read that the over-the-counter treatments don’t always work.  Parents are then left with using an even stronger prescription chemical to kill the lice called “lidane.”  I came across this article that contained this quote: “According to the FDA, lidane products can cause serious side effects for many reasons, even when used as directed.”  And we all know that everyone reads and follows directions very carefully, so no worries there.  I also thought this was interesting…..

The pesticide [lidane] has been targeted for worldwide phase-out since 2009 by the Stockholm Convention, a global treaty that targets some of the world’s deadliest toxins. The U.S. has not ratified the treaty , and has no imminent plans to ban lidane for head lice.

Since 2006, lidane can no longer be used here on crops or cattle, or for any other purpose regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. A so-called “second line” treatment – meaning it’s only to be used if other methods fail – for head lice and scabies, lidane has been linked to cancer, seizures and deaths, according to the FDA.


We can’t use lidane on cattle but the FDA says I can use it repeatedly on my child’s (developing) head.  No thanks.  There have got to be better alternatives than that.

When we lived in Brooklyn, I heard about this woman who calls herself the Ladybug .  She has a booming business but she never advertises. She gets the job done and she doesn’t use over-the-counter pesticides.  Here is a NYT article about her.  But what if you don’t have a professional nit-picker in your neighborhood and you don’t want to use pesticides?

I searched the website to see what worked for other people and found these testimonials on lice.  My essential oil desk reference recommends tea tree, lavender, peppermint, thyme, geranium, nutmeg, rosemary, cinnamon.   It also gave this recipe…

  • 4 drops thyme
  • 2 drops lavender
  • 2 drops geranium

You may apply single oils or blends neat or diluted, depending on the oils that are used (thyme is “hot” so I would dilute).  Add 1 tsp. of oil diluted 50/50 to shampoo and massage onto entire scalp. 

  • Cover with a disposable shower cap and leave on for at least 1/2 hour.
  • Rinse well using 1 cup of Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash massaged into hair and scalp.  Leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing out.

I would also add combing the hair with a special nit comb.

Of course I also wonder if there is anything I can do to prevent lice?  There are no studies, which is not a surprise, but I am using lavender and peppermint on my kids daily.  One or two drops on my hands which I then massage into their scalps.  It certainly can’t hurt and it may make their hair inhospitable to lice looking for a new home.

As I have mentioned before, all essential oils are not created equal.  When you use an essential oil make sure it is a pure therapeutic grade oil.  If you purchase an oil from your health food store and it doesn’t work, don’t blame all essential oils, it may just be that brand.  If you really want to see results don’t waste time or money on oils that may be diluted and/or adulterated.  Essential oils are effective when they have been made well.  Just like many other things in life – you get what you pay for.  Invest in your family’s health; it will truly pay off.

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Back to school! Friends, Field Trips, Projects……..Germs!

As kids are heading back to school this week, many mothers know it is just a matter of time before the first sick day arrives.  Here, in the desert, we’ve been back at school long enough that the initial excitement has worn off and our new routine no longer feels new.

School is great.  So much to learn, so many ways to grow, so many germs  to be shared.  In these few short weeks, I’ve already heard of both teachers and students taking sick days.  These school germs are all business.  We know that eating a balanced diet and getting enough rest helps all of us stay healthy.  The thing is …… have you met my kids?  If you have, then you probably know that one is a picky eater (I’m still not sure how that happened) and the other rarely sleeps past 5 am (seriously, not joking!).

Even though I work at home, the last thing I want is a phone call from the nurse telling me my kid is sick.  If you work outside of the home, I bet you get that phone call minutes before you are about to start a meeting.  Is there really anything we can do that can help prevent illness?  Well yes, I know there are things we can do to keep our kids healthy amidst the onslaught of school germs.  You know where this is going, right?

Essential oils!  They are my not-so-secret weapon.  Really, if they were a secret I certainly would not be blogging about them would I?  My kids get doused daily in as many ways as I can get the oils on them or in them.  To start, thieves is a mother’s best friend.  No mother should be without a bottle of this amazing oil.  You know how one kid gets sick, then the next, then it’s the adults turn?  That usually doesn’t happen in my house.  Wouldn’t it be better if when one person gets sick, you have something to kill airborne germs so that the entire household does not fold like a house of cards?  I know, silly question.  Of course we all want that.  There you go, thieves is your answer.  Diffuse it, wear it, ingest it and get on with your life.  It’s amazing!  So, step 1 is get thieves and use it.  Put it on their feet before school or put it on them before bed.  Just get it on them.  If my kids so much as sniffle, out comes my therapro diffuser (see here for the most awesomest diffuser ever and it comes with a 15 ml sized bottle of thieves – yay!).  Diffusing gives the kids a great dose of thieves while they are doing their homework or watching tv.  At the same time I’m killing airborne germs; it’s a total win-win.  Studies have shown that thieves kills lots of bad stuff.  Now I love studies but I know from experience that thieves works.  Proof is in the pudding and all you need is to be sick once and then feel better after using an essential oil as powerful as thieves to know this oil is the real deal.  You can see my testimonial page for how others have used thieves.  I can go on and on about thieves, actually I have!  If you put thieves in the search bar lots of posts will come up that go more into how I’ve used theives for cleaning, strep throat and much more.

Keeping sickness at bay is a good thing to start with but essential oils can do more than just that.  We use peppermint and lemon to help “wake up” their brains and to help them focus.  There are days when one or both of my kids do not like sitting down to do their homework (I’m sure they are the only ones out there with this problem).  I started using peppermint in the afternoon and it has really helped them focus so that they can get their work done much faster.  What a gift for all of us!  Studies have also shown that peppermint helps us to retain information. That will be handy come test time.  My daughter also loves to put lemon oil and orange oil in her (stainless steel) water bottle.  I love that because both oils will give her immune system a bit of a boost.  Take that, yucky germs!  My son (the picky eater) would never let me put lemon or orange oil in his water bottle but he does love Ningxia Red.  I freeze the individual packets and stick those in his lunch box.  Ningxia Red is a juice blend jam-packed with antioxidants and other nutrients that are a great support to the immune system and gives him a little energy boost for the rest of the afternoon.

In addition to all the wonderful, amazing, remarkable oils mentioned above I also like to give my kids something else to support them during the day.  Now, even though my kids are brilliant (I’m their mother, remember?) they have their off days – don’t we all?  Before they get on the bus I give each of them a drop of an oil called highest potential.  It is a great way to start the day.  I have seen my kids go from cranky and not wanting to leave the house to first one out the door with a drop of this oil.  Now that is a valuable tool to have at your disposal.  They each also have their favorite oils.  My son likes valor, which is a great oil, very grounding and perfect for a little boy in a big school.  My daughter loves stress away and joy.  Depending on her mood and what’s happening at school she usually picks one of these.  Stress away is great when she has to deal with challenging social moments and joy is just a great blend to enhance happiness.

There you go – thieves, peppermint, lemon, orange, valor, highest potential, stress away, joy,  ningxia red and don’t forget that awesome therapro diffuser.  Once you start using a diffuser you will wonder how you ever got by without it.  By the way, these oils are not just for the kids.  Oh, no!  Use them yourself and enjoy days with a little less stress and a little more energy.

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A Natural Apothecary with Young Living Essential Oils – Part II

This is the second of a three-part series.  Please note that when I speak of ingesting an essential oil, I am talking about ingesting only Young Living essential oils.  I would never recommend any other brand of essential oil.  If you would like to read Part I please check it out here.

Peppermint – I love this oil!  It is hard to pick favorites but if I had to, peppermint would be in my top ten.  It is one of my first-aid oils so I always have some on hand.  One drop of peppermint oil is equal to 28 cups of peppermint tea!  Essential oils are so concentrated, which is why one drop can be so effective.  For more information on how peppermint oil has been shown to reduce the symptons of I.B.S see this post.  Studies have also shown that by smelling peppermint you will feel more satiated after a meal.  Smelling peppermint will also help to soothe any feelings of nausea.

  • In water.  One drop (seriously, that is all you need) in a 32 oz bottle of water.  I keep used glass juice bottles around and use them to keep oil flavored waters on hand.  Peppermint is my favorite flavor for water.  It cools in the summer, soothes upset stomachs quickly and tastes sooooooo good.
  • Fever reducer.  When my son awoke in the middle of the night uncomfortable with a fever he said no to medicine but yes to oils.  I put 1-2 drops of peppermint oil on each foot and in less than 10 minutes his fever was dropping and he was able to get back to sleep (and so did I!).
  • One drop in your hand , rub hands together and inhale deeply….aaahhhhhhhhh!  Helps with sinus troubles and can also help with mental clarity and focus.
  • A drop across the brow can alleviate headaches.  Why use an oil over headache meds?  Oils work faster.  Really.  Way faster.  It’s very cool.

Peace & Calming – This is the oil that really got me started on Young Living.  My kids were having a hard time settling down at night and I was in need of some help.  My mother (aren’t mothers the best?) gave me a bottle of Peace & Calming.  Honestly, this was not my favorite scent (I do love it now) but reluctantly I gave it a try.  Long story short, after witnessing a miracle ( yes, it was!) when my kids finally fell asleep, I ran to my computer to see if I could order a vat of this stuff.

  • Peace & Calming. Knocks. Me. Out.  If I can’t sleep or have a chatty mind at bedtime, a drop on my neck or wrists or even on my feet will do the trick.  My kids love this oil (it was made for kids) and they drift off to sleep much faster when we use it.
  • Eases anxiety and can be used if you are stressed.
  • Can soothe cranky or hyper children.  I have seen my kids go from cranky to calm with just a drop or two.  If you have young kids you want this oil.  It’s amazing!

PanAway - Rocks!  If you have any pain, this is an oil that you want.  It is a blend that has wintergreen, helichrysum, clove and peppermint.  What do these oils do?  They will help reduce pain and inflammation, increase circulation and accelerate healing.  They will relieve swelling and discomfort from arthritis, sprains, and muscles spasms.  The two main ingredients in Bengay are methyl salicylate, which is wintergreen, and menthol, which is synthetic peppermint oil.  So why use the diluted, synthetic version for pain relief when you can use the pure undiluted essential oil?  Yeah, I have no idea why you would want to either.

  • Apply directly on area of pain – it doesn’t get much easier than that. If you have sore muscles, sciatica,arthritis or any kind of muscle or ligament pain.  Apply liberally.
  • Use across the brow or on the temples for headache relief.
  • Can also be used on pets to reduce arthritic pain.

Of course, these are just a few suggestions for what to do with these oils.  You can use Young Living oils in so many different ways, everyday.  Part of the fun is finding out what the oils can do for you.

Part III will be coming soon.  I would LOVE to hear how you use your favorite essential oils (hint, hint – some feedback please!)

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Last Night a Raindrop Saved My Life (sung to "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life")

Ok, so I wasn’t on death’s door so to speak BUT it kinda felt like it.  And, I don’t mean a raindrop as a drop of water falling from the sky, but I’ll tell you more about that in a bit.  My cute, adorable, charming son (aka darling germ magnet) came home with a cough last week that just did not want to leave no matter what I threw at him.  I pulled out my big guns, immupower, thieves, R.C., and while they helped he still went on to SHARE his new friend – lucky me!  So, now I have this lovely cough.  Now, you must understand one thing.  When I get a cough it is not pretty.  Really, not pretty.  If, and I pray, pray, pray that I don’t, but if, I cough in a public place I immediately clear a large area around me.  It’s a neat trick!  And, I get very concerned looks.  Very concerned.   I don’t blame them at all.  I sometimes look around after a coughing fit to make sure I haven’t lost a lung or something.  So I have this cough, and any time I want to breathe it’s not so fun.  But, hey, I’m an oiler and I’ve got the best stuff.

I start with R.C. for the congestion and it helps a bit.  I use immupower on my feet, man, can you say STINKY!  I’m sure the germs hightail it just to get away from the smell! Then I grab the thieves and oregano.  I put a couple of drops of each in a capsule to ingest and that helps.  In less than half an hour I feel better – yeah team oils!  Then horror of all horrors I realize I am out of thieves!  What?!  When my darling germ magnet began coughing I started diffusing it and putting it on everyone’s feet (everyone being the kids, obviously my feet missed the thieves boat this time around).

Ok so now I have a secret for you (don’t tell anyone, k?) – even us oilers get sick!  I know, that is just crazy, but it’s true.  But here is the really crazy part, since it doesn’t happen that often I always forget what to do!  I would like to say it’s because I’m sick and I have a couple of kids running around but it’s probably because I have always had a very laid back approach when I’m ill.  A sort of less is more, I’ll ride it out, the drugs are usually worse than the illness, kind of approach.  But, now that I have all these fabulous oils around, the trick is knowing how to use them.  That really is the key – using them.  Even though they sure do look pretty all lined up on my counter it’s about getting them in or on me that really makes the difference.

After having to hang up on a friend that I had not spoken to in years because of a scary sounding coughing fit I knew it was time to try something else.  I’d like to say that the raindrop idea was all my own, well I could, and no one would know any the better (except me of course), but it wasn’t.  I was on Facebook and Dr. Shelton (see Young Living Essential Oils and Pets for more on her) noted how after having a similar persistent cough a raindrop with lots of oils did the trick for them.  So when my husband walked in the door looking like CRAP and feeling worse I told him he was getting a raindrop.  Isn’t he the ever so lucky guy?  One of the reasons I love Young Living is that they have great promotions.  Every month if you buy a certain amount of product you can qualify for the free product for that month.  That is how we got our Raindrop Kit.  I have only done a raindrop on him once before so I am far from an expert.  But I have heard that the most important part is getting the oils on so that they can get to work.  So that is what I did.  I followed the directions in the Essential Oils Desk Reference guide and got them on him.  Of course he was super relaxed when it was all done and I felt a wee bit guilty asking him to throw the oils on my back but he did  (thanks, sweets!).  And you know what, we were better in the morning.  He looked better and he felt better too. I was able to take a deep breath without  it being followed by a 20 minute coughing fit and I am also getting rid of lots of lovely stuff.  I know, ewwww, soooo gross, sorry for the details.  So, yeah, it definitely helped.  I bet by now you are really wondering what is a raindrop?  Well, as you may have figured out (cause you are a clever one, aren’t you), a raindrop is sort of like a massage with essential oils.  Well, kind of.  The raindrop technique was developed by Gary Young and includes 9 different essential oils (oregano, thyme, basil, marjoram, wintergreen, peppermint, cyprus, aroma seiz, & valor) as well as a vegetable oil, like Young Living’s V-6 blend.  The oils are dropped along the spine and lightly worked into the back.  The oils used are highly antimicrobial and antiviral.  In my experience the effect of a raindrop can be very cleansing, sort of like a detox.  I highly recommend getting and giving a raindrop, they are unlike any other massage I have ever had.  I noticed as I was giving the raindrop I was feeling better just by handling and inhaling the oils. Even though we are not 100% yet, we are getting there.  I am also using a combo of oregano and thyme in a capsule with a drop of extra virgin olive oil and that gave both of us some quick relief as well.  I’ll do some more of those tomorrow and I’ll do another raindrop and hopefully we can kick this cough to the curb by the weekend.


New Promotion: NingXia Red singles, buy 2 get 1 free!

In our last order I decided to try the NingXia Red singles.  I was surprised at how handy they are and how often we used them.  They are perfect to put in the kids lunch boxes so they get an extra antioxidant boost midday.  I also take one with me to the gym.  My brother-in-law (Hi, Steve!), who is a bit of a fitness guru, has told me that after a workout your body is primed to absorb and benefit from all the fabulous nutrients that NR has to offer.   My husband takes them to the office and gets a mid-afternoon pick me up.  Here are the details of the promotion.


NingXia Red Singles: Buy Two Get One Free

For a limited time, get a free box of NingXia Red Singles whenever you buy two at the regular distributor wholesale price—but only while supplies last.

The busy holiday season is upon us—holiday shopping and entertaining will soon be a reality. Keep your energy, health, and spirits high with NingXia Red® Singles. The powerful antioxidants found in NingXia Red support immune function, liver function, and eye health. In addition, the natural amino acids, trace minerals, and vitamins contained in the wolfberry juice are reported to increase energy.*

The attractive and tough one-ounce packets protect the powerful benefits of the Ningxia wolfberry, and are an ideal pick-me-up when you’re on the go! They are also an easy way to introduce friends, family, and potential new members to Young Living.  Throw them in your purse or backpack and enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Item No. 3168 30-pack
Item No. 3169 100-pack

Additional Details:
  • NingXia Red Singles 30-packs have an expiration date of December 10, 2010. NingXia Red Singles 100-packs have an expiration date of March 1, 2011. BOGO offer applies to these NingXia Red Singles packs only.
  • Offer valid 12:00 a.m. MST October 15, 2010, to 11:59 p.m. MST November 15, 2010, or while supplies last, whichever comes first.
  • The two purchased NingXia Red Singles must be reached within a single order to qualify customer for the free pack. Partial orders placed throughout the qualifying period cannot be combined in order to receive the promotional product(s).
  • No limit per customer.
  • Offer available to Young Living Independent Distributors, preferred customers, and retail customers.
  • Valid on phone, Essential Rewards, and web orders only.
  • Offer does not apply to Essential Rewards point redemption orders.
  • PV not earned for free product.
  • Customer responsible for shipping costs associated with free product.
  • Offer valid in the US and all NFR markets, except where restrictions prevent promotional product(s) from entering your country.

I got the secret sauce!

Most of the posts on this blog are based on studies or newspaper articles showing how essential oils can help us live a healthier life.  All of that is really important to me but, at the end of the day, what matters to me most is my family.  When I do something or find something that helps my family I feel like I have done my job well.  I feel like I got the brass ring so to speak.  

Just over two weeks ago my son, who is 5 years old, fell at school while he was at recess and broke his nose.  Thanks to the lousy reception I get on my phone I did not get any messages for some time.  There I am at the gym just getting into a run on the treadmill, thinking of going a bit longer than usual, when I finally get a text from my husband saying he is on his way to urgent care. Needless to say I’m in my car in 60 seconds driving 5 mph in the pouring rain (Seriously???? I live in the desert!!!! ).

I get there and they are in x-ray so I have to wait a few more minutes.  It’s been almost 2 hours since the accident and it is such a relief for all of us, me, my husband and my son when I finally do see him.  I give him a big hug and just hold him for a bit, and when we were all settled I took out my "secret sauce".  On my drive up I was trying to remember what essential oils I had with me and I was hoping that I had lavender because that has worked so well with bruises and swelling in the past.  When I opened my bag I realized all I had was a bottle of valor.  When I was at convention Dr. Minke noted how good valor was for bruises and swelling so I had faith in it even though I had not used it before for that purpose.  Immediately, and I really mean immediately, after putting a drop, maybe two, ofvalor on his face, both my husband and I could see that some of the swelling went down.


There really isn’t anything they can do for a broken nose, they don’t set it and there is no cast to help it mend.  After trying to give him some Tylenol, which he has never liked, they said there was nothing else they could do.  It was too late for ice, which he would not have taken anyway, so we finished the paper work and headed home. Over the next week I went on to use either valor, lavender or copaiba on him when ever I could.  Basically, I used whatever I had near him when I thought about it.  Of course, it took some time for all the swelling to go and of course he did get some purple bruises around his eyes.  But, in less than two weeks his nose had set and the Dr. said it would take about 4.  His teachers, the ENT Dr., the nurses and many others have all commented on how quickly he has healed and how surprised they were that the swelling and bruising weren’t worse.  I smile and say to myself – I got the secret sauce!

9/22/10 I put some more oil on him when we got home.

          9/26/10 Out for some gelato with his big sister.  Note the dark spots on his nose, cheeks and chin are chocolate not bruising!           10/6/10 All better and as cheeky as ever!

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The mighty power of Thieves. How Young Living Oils can help you survive the cold and flu season

When I started with Young Living I would constantly hear about the Thieves blend and how amazing it was.  Really, all the hype kinda bugged me.  Then I used the stuff and as they say “the proof is in the pudding”.   So what’s so great about thieves?  So glad you asked!

The Thieves blend has a great story behind it so let’s start there.  Back in the middle ages, during the plague, there were a bunch of spice merchants who were locked in a town.  Unable to move on to sell their spices elsewhere they went about robbing from the dead and the dying.  Once they were captured the king offered them a most generous deal – spill the beans on how they were able keep from getting sick and he would give them a quick death instead of a long slow painful one.  Very generous offer don’t you think?  So they told the king which herbs they used and the king posted the recipe for all to see.  The ingredients that those thieves used is now bottled by Young Living and is the basis for the entire Thieves line.

I know some people who use the Thieves blend nearly every day and who have not gotten any major cold or flu in years (Hi Mom!).  I use it on a seasonal and as-needed basis.  If the kids have a sneeze or a sniffle that I think might be the beginning of something, out comes the Thieves.  I will put a drop or two on their feet and I will diffuse it while they watch tv.  If I hear that there is something going around at their school, again, out comes the Thieves.  It is so much easier to put a drop on each foot before they get dressed for school than having them stay home because they are sick.  I use it if I feel the slightest hint of a sore throat.  Even if I were to get a full-blown flu I would want Thieves by my side because I know whatever I have will go away much, much faster with it than without it.

How do you use Thieves?

Put a couple of drops on your feet or, if you have a sore throat, on your neck as well.  Repeat as needed.   Once a day is fine for prevention but if you already have a bug use it as often as you can.

Diffuse, diffuse, diffuse!!!  If anyone in your home gets sick or if you want to prevent sickness in the first place, then the thing to do is to diffuse Thieves.  Why?  It is clinically proven to kill those nasty bugger germs.  So if one person gets sick you will be helping them to get better faster and you will be protecting the healthy ones from getting it.

Internal consumption – Thieves can be put directly on the tongue (can you handle the Thieves?!), it can be added to water or you can put a few drops in a capsule, size “00″, and ingest.  When fighting colds or the flu many people add oregano to the capsules as well.  I would start with 3 drops of oils and you could add olive oil to the capsule if you like.  Young Living also makes a supplement called Inner Defense which is Thieves plus oregano, thyme and a few other ingredients.  Another terrific blend!

I do not recommend consuming any other essential oils other than Young Living.  Please see my “Why choose Young Living” page for more details about oil quality.  Even if the label says it is “100% pure”  it probably isn’t the case.  Unless you know the company and trust its oils, do not consume them internally.

I talk about Thieves and mold in my Sept. 24th post “Why essential oils work best for mold” and I also talk about the Thieves cleaning products in the “How dirty is your soap?” post from Sept. 9th.

Young Living has a fantastic promotion going on until the end of October.  If you place an order of 175pv in merchandise, Young Living will send you a 15ml bottle of Thieves as well as a Thieves hand sanitizer and a Thieves spray.  Please see the “Monthly Promotions” page for details.  Also, please see the “How to order Young Living Oils” page if you would like to get started with Young Living.

Here’s to hoping you and yours stay healthy this cold and flu season.



Young Living Essential Oils, Kids & Parenting

When I first started using Young Living oils over 10 years ago it was because I fell in love with the scent of pure essential oils.  Once I smelled the blend Joy for the first time I never wore perfume again – ever.  My nose could no longer accept synthetic scents and my only choice was to use pure essential oils or nothing.  Even though I enjoyed the oils, I wasn’t sure how to use them and without all the information that is now available thanks to the internet I stopped using them for a number of years.  My mother who started with the oils when I did, continued to use them and benefit from them.  Every so often I would have her get me a bottle of Gentle Baby or Lavender to keep on hand.

Last year when my kids were 3 and 6 years old we were having a hard time getting them to settle down for the night.  We lived in Brooklyn, NY at the time and although I love city living it is a bit more stressful for everyone, including kids.  I was using lavender at night, putting it on their wrists or on their pillows and at first there was a bit of resistence but in time they enjoyed the new bedtime routine.  Then one night I realized I ran out of lavender, actually I think I just misplaced it, but either way it was gone.  It was time for bed and my son was not interested in going to sleep.  My mother, wonderful person that she is, had given me a bottle of Peace and Calming which was sitting on the shelf.  Now, to be honest, Peace and Calming was not my favorite scent so I was a bit unsure about using it but I needed to try something so I put it on my wrists and walked into my sons room and waved my arms around a bit.  In less than 60 seconds he finished getting dressed for bed and got into bed with a book.  It all happened so fast my husband and I looked at each other in amazement and that was when I knew these oils were something altogether different.  I had in my hands something that could soothe my kids in a safe and effective way and it was practically instantaneous.  WOW!

Now when they are hurt or upset they ask for the oils.  In the last year I have used Gentle Baby to soothe tired and cranky children, again with very fast results.  I’ve  used peppermint to cool a fever so my son could get back to sleep.  And I’ve used lavender over and over again for bumps, bruises, burns, cuts & bug bites.  The oils have slowly but surely become a part of our life, a life that I feel better about.  As my collection of oils has grown, our medicine cabinets have become more and more sparse.  We have children’s motrin if we should need it but we haven’t needed it in quite a while.  I will always see a Doctor if my kids are sick but I will also use my oils and I find that when they do get sick, as they will from time to time, an oil like Thieves is amazing in helping them get better faster and keeps the rest of us from getting it.  Big yeah for that!

When I tell people I use essential oils sometimes I get a certain look.  Like they are trying to figure out if I am for real or not, kind of like they heard what I just said but don’t really understand what I mean.  I don’t blame them because I know so many people simply do not understand what these oils can do.  There are so few places to get pure essential oils and the stuff they sell in the stores is often not pure so it makes sense that most have no idea of the power of therapeutic grade essential oils.  What I love, love, love is when someone jumps in and tries them.  I love getting that phone call, the “Oh my God”  phone call.  The “I used this on that and it worked so fast” phone call.  Because even though they hear what I’m saying or read the studies or whatever I think most people do not expect these oils to work the way that they do and when they do – wow!  Are the oils for everyone?  Nothing is for everyone but if you are looking for a way to take care of yourself, your family, even your pets, using less chemicals and more natural products than you may very well be looking for these oils.

From the moment I conceived my first child, and I have two now, I have been concerned about what “touched” them.  What foods, what TV shows, what schools they went to – and I know at times I have probably been too concerned over some things and not concerned enough about others – hey, that’s just parenting for you.  When I started with the oils, though I used caution, I felt like I found something that I could use that wasn’t tainted.  So often we discover that a product that might be good for you one minute, may turn out to be avoided like the plague the next.  With essential oils I am not using some faddish, new & improved product.  I’m using natural plants.  This stuff has been around for thousands of years.  There are over 1oo biblical references of essential oils , the Egyptians wrote formulas in hieroglyphics, tomb raiders left jewels and stole the oils because that is how valuable they were.  So I’m not worried that a report is going to come out next week that tells me that Frankincense is bad for me, actually a report will probably be coming out about how good it is for me.  I am cautious, I check which oils are ok for kids and in the last year every time I’ve used the oils on them it has been a positive experience.  Just the other day, my daughter was playing with a changing room door and smashed her finger.  She was quite upset and in a fair amount of pain and anyone nearby knew it, but as I put the oil on and asked her if it felt better she was still fussing a bit but it wasn’t because of her pain.  She was still in the mode of expressing her pain but her pain was no longer there.  Once she got it, that the pain was gone, she was up and out the door and ready to jump in the pool.  No need for ice, no swelling – I’ve never seen kids heal as fast and get over the upset and move on as when I use the oils.

As a parent I’ve noticed that when I’m feeling stressed, my kids can take on that stress.  I try, and sometimes I even succeed, to reduce my stress before it grows bigger and bigger.  I grab an oil and it is such a relief.  It makes me stop and smell something wonderful, that alone will reduce stress, but then all the amazing constituents get into my blood stream and get to work.  It is, hands down, one of the biggest benefits of using the oils.  They are easy to carry around, so I always have a couple of oils on hand, and when I need them I am so happy to have them because they work – fast.  Whatever your need is – easing stress, pain relief, more focus – there is an oil that can satisfy that need at anytime.

Can’t wait to get started using Young Living Oils?  Great! See my “How to Order Young Living Oils” page for more details.

Francine Smith blogs about Young Living Essential oils.  You can find more posts at