Young Living Essential Oils New Products!

Young Living had their annual convention last month, which I missed – sadness.  I have consoled myself by checking out the newest products that are now available.  I always look forward to my auto ship order but now I will be adding a new product each month.  It’s so like Christmas in July!  Now, which to choose first?  mmmmm……

Very excited about the new ART products and the slique gum sounds interesting too.

Even for those not wanting to lose weight chewing the gum, which contains frankincense, will be beneficial to oral health. Decisions, decisions!  

By the way, I have updated the virtual catalog page on this site with the new 2012 catalog.  Young Living has just introduced new packaging so some of the products will have the older style and some will have the new.  

Here is a link to the Young Living new products page if you would like to take a look at the new offerings.



5 Day Nutritive Cleanse Review

I did the 5 day Cleanse last week and at first I was thrilled that I lost a
total of 5 pounds in 5 days but what I am now most happy about is that I no
longer have the sweet tooth that I have had for as long as I can remember.

Anyone that knows me knows that I love chocolate and I would have it in one way
or another usually once (or on occasion more than once) per day. I usually had
either a really good bar of chocolate or some cookies in the pantry at the ready
for when the time came to satisfy that craving. Well it has been over a week
since I stopped the cleanse and I have yet to have any cookies, ice cream, or
chocolate and what is most remarkable is that I have had all those things within
reach this past week but have been able to say no – something I have never been
able to do before. What I am craving is fresh fruit and veg – no chips or
crackers (my other weakness).  I have never eaten so well in my life and the more I do it the more I
like it!

The cleanse consists of taking a digest & cleanse pill, a shake made with
Balance Meal & 2 oz. of Ningxia Rd three times per day. You can also snack
three times per day as well if you need/want to. The snacks are either raw
veg.- like broccoli or celery, fresh fruit-like blueberries or nuts/nut butter.
By the end of the cleanse I didn’t really need the snacks as much as I did in
the beginning. Even though you are not eating much food you are still consuming
33 grams of protein and 33 grams of fiber per day as well as many other
nutrients – so your body still receives what it needs throughout the day.

I did experience mild headaches the first two days -so I would suggest starting
on days when you do not have a lot going on. I was also hungry in the beginning
but that did fade by mid cleanse. I did miss eating meals but it was really
great to take a break from food because I was able to really think about what I
eat and why. Which is why I am sure my eating habits have changed so much.

I also want to note that before doing the cleanse I had started exercising on a
regular basis and I am sure that the combo has helped me keep the weight off. I
actually lost 8 pounds in those 5 days but once I started eating meals again a
few came back on – which was not a surprise to me at all. During the cleanse I
only exercised twice in those 5 days which was enough for my body to handle.

Oh, I almost forgot the other benefit that was totally cool was that because I
drank a total of 6 oz per day of the Ningxia Red my eyesight improved! Really!
I had noticed the week before starting the cleanse that my eyes were hurting and
that I was having a hard time reading small print and made a mental note to self
to get my eyes examined soon. Then on day 3 or 4 I was in Whole Foods looking
at vitamins and comparing ingredients from two different bottles and I noticed
that 1.-I could actually read the label and 2.- my eyes were not hurting me.
There is so much betacarotene in NR that in 5 days my eyesight improved in a
significant way. I think that is amazing! Now I am sure if I can drink 1 oz of
NR even every other day my eyes will continue to improve or at least not get any

I am really happy with the cleanse and would recommend it to anyone who wants to jump start a weight loss, change some bad eating habits or who is just ready to
try a cleanse. I will do this cleanse again either in 6 or 12 months time depending on how I feel.  I was also thinking that this would be a great cleanse to do before the holidays to help me stay on track with the kinds of food I want to be eating.

UPDATE:  It’s been six weeks since I started the cleanse and I have lost 11 pounds and I am sure that I will continue to lose more.  I’m eating what I want, I happen to want really good food, but I am not not eating anything.  If I want something sweet I’ll have it but what is nice now is that a taste will do.  I do not need to finish the whole cookie or whatever to feel satisfied.  My diet has a new “normal” and I feel really good about that.

Here is a link to the YL brochure for more info

Can’t wait to get started using Young Living Oils?  Great! See my “How to Order Young Living Oils” page for more details.

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