Young Living Sacred Frankincense and Breast Cancer Pub Med Study Results

On October 7, 2011 I posted a video with Dr. Mahmoud Suhail describing results from cancer studies using Boswellia Sacra (Sacred Frankincense) on cancer.  See this link for the video.  The results are amazing and now there is a Pub Med study reporting those findings.  Click here if you would like to read the study.  Below are the conclusions.

"Similar to our previous observations in human bladder cancer cells, Boswellia sacra essential oil induces breast cancer cell-specific cytotoxicity. Suppression of cellular network formation and disruption of spheroid development of breast cancer cells by Boswellia sacra essential oil suggest that the essential oil may be effective for treating advanced breast cancer. Consistently, the essential oil represses signaling pathways and cell cycle regulators that have been proposed as therapeutic targets for breast cancer. Future pre-clinical and clinical studies are urgently needed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Boswellia sacra essential oil as a therapeutic agent for treating breast cancer."


Amazing, right?!  What Bosellia Sacra does is kill cancer cells, what it does not do is kill healthy cells!  That is exactly what medicine should do.  Simple I know, but true.  Last October I wrote a post, "Breast Health Awareness Month"  have a look for more ideas on natural cancer prevention with tips from Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Andrew Weil, and Vicki Opfer, a Young Living Crown Diamond. 

Dr. H. K. Lin who was a part of this study as well as others on frankincense and cancer has suggested that taking frankincense as a preventative would be a good idea.  I personally use frankincense daily.  If I had a history of cancer in my family it would be a definite.  Why wait until it’s too late?  

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Dr. Mahmoud Suhail on Frankincense


Below is a new video from Young Living that features Dr. Mahmoud Suhail discussing  his current research using Boswellia Sacra.  Young Living is the only essential oil company that bottles Boswellia Sacra (as Sacred Frankincense).  

About halfway through Dr. Suhail cites two different cancer cases from pre-clinical trials happening in Oman and Northern Africa.  The results are very exciting.  In one case the carcinoembryonic antigen was 210.  A reading of 10-20 is high (mostly likely that you would have cancer).  A reading of more than 20 would indicate metastases for certain.  Carcinoembryonic antigen went from 210 -18 in less than 21 days and the primary tumor disappeared in an additional 3-4 weeks!   So many people are affected by cancer.  Please watch this video and share it with others.  




YouTube Preview Image









The Awesome Power of Frankincense Oil

I am sure it doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I love essential oils.  I love them because they smell good, I love them because I get results fast.  I love that my kids love them and that they ask for them when they are hurt or sick.  What I also love about essential oils, is that they are about hope.

Frankincense has been a part of human history for thousands of years.  It is even mentioned in the Ebers Papyrus, the oldest known medical record and dates from the sixteenth century B.C.  Ancient Egyptians listed frankincense in hundreds of recipes and prescriptions.  Frankincense was once considered more valuable than gold, was often stolen from Egyptian tombs (instead of real gold) and was used to treat every conceivable ill.

When I started looking for information on essential oils, one of the first articles I came upon was this one from the BBC News entitled “Frankincense:  Could it be a cure for cancer?.  I remember feeling so excited after reading the article.  Just imagine if cancer could be treated with an essential oil instead of chemo?    The studies show that frankincense basically shuts down cancer cells without doing any harm to healthy cells!  The article mentions Dr. Mahmoud Suhail.  He is an immunologist who is studying frankincense for the answers about what it is in the oil that causes the cancer to react in such a way.  I actually met Dr. Suhail at the Young Living Farm this past June.  Dr. Suhail talked about his research and about how uncommon cancer is in Oman, where he has a medical practice.  He sees about 1 cancer patient per year!  He believes that using frankincense has contributed to the low cancer rate in Oman.  The Omanis will drop a piece of resin in water to soak overnight and will consume it in the morning.  They also burn the resin on a frankincense burner or they will chew it.  Frankincense has traditionally been used to treat ailments such as asthma, arthritis, Crohns, ulcerative colitis and irritable bowl syndrome.

I found this PubMed study on frankincense and bladder cancer.  Below is the conclusion from the study….

“Frankincense oil appears to distinguish cancerous from normal bladder cells and suppress cancer cell viability.  Microarray and bioinformatics analysis proposed multiple pathways that can be activated by frankincense oil to induce bladder cancer cell death.  Frankincense oil might represent an alternative intravesical agent for bladder cancer treatment.”

Isn’t that awesome??!!  One of the researchers on the bladder cancer study  is Dr. H.K. Lin, an immunologist and cancer researcher from the University of Oklahoma.  Dr. Lin  was also at Young Living’s convention this past June where he showed slides of his research on patients with bladder cancer.  Some patients were treated with frankincense while others received traditional cancer treatment.  Remarkably, the patients treated with frankincense showed an almost 100% cancer cell death without showing ANY healthy cell death!  Not only is that unheard of in cancer treatment but the patients also did not experience ANY side effects.  I remember Dr. Lin expressing his sincere surprise and excitement over the results.  He is now conducting more research using Young Living’s essential oils including Frankincense, Sandalwood, Balsam Fir, Palo Santo, and Tsuga against breast, colon, lung, prostate, and pancreatic cancers.  Dr. Lin also mentioned that using therapeutic grade frankincense on a daily basis would be an effective cancer preventative.  I found this quote from Dr. Lin on e! Science News: “Frankincense oil may represent an inexpensive alternative therapy for patients currently suffering from bladder cancer.”

One of the very best features of essential oils is that they are not one hit wonders.  Yes, frankincense may be a cure for cancer but it can also be used everyday for many different purposes through topical application, diffusion or ingesting (I recommend ingesting only YL oils) such as:

  • to support the immune system
  • to alleviate congestion
  • to promote peace and calming
  • to remove warts
  • to help smooth wrinkles (one of my favorites)

For me, frankincense was not a love at first whiff.  I had seen seasoned oilers go on about it and I just didn’t get it.  It’s aroma took some getting used to as I  prefer more floral and citrus scents.  But now, I love the smell of frankincense.  It has become one of my must-have oils because I feel better when I use it.  It grounds me, it supports me, it soothes me and it reminds me that people thousands of years ago used frankincense for the very same reasons.

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Eating away cancer

“Autopsy studies from people who died in car accidents have shown that about 40% of women between the ages of 40 and 50 actually have microscopic cancers in their breasts.  About 50% of men in their 50′s and 60′s have microscopic prostate cancers. And virtually 100% of us by the time we reach our 70′s will have microscopic cancer growing in our thyroid.  Yet without a blood supply most of these cancers will never become dangerous.”  Dr. William Li

“Diet accounts for 30-35% of environmentally caused cancer.”  Dr. William Li

TED Talk with Dr. William Li: Can we eat to starve cancer?

I find the first quote shocking and the second quote empowering.  As I watched the above video I was amazed and excited.  We don’t have to rely on big pharmaceuticals to come up with a cancer cure!  Preventing cancer for most people may be a matter of just eating a better diet!  I think many people know that eating healthy foods, exercising regularly and relaxing are all things we need to do to lower our risk of  becoming ill.  We know it but do we do it? Probably not as often as we would like.  But instead of beating ourselves up about not doing enough, let’s look at it another way.  Below is a list of foods that have been found to be helpful in preventing cancer and many other diseases.  This is accomplished by a process called antiangiogenesis.  Diseased cells are intentionally cut off from a blood supply (ie a source of nutrients) and thereby prevented from growing.  If we can add some of these foods to our diets and consume them on a regular basis we may be able to have a longer healthier life and possibly prevent cancer from ever showing up.  Now doesn’t that sound nice?

Making small changes to your diet is not that hard.  Pick one item from the above list and find new ways to add it into your diet and the next week try another. You could add fresh or frozen blueberries (preferably organic) to your cereal in the morning or as a desert at night.  Mix a handful of the berries into a smoothie.  Make your own salad dressing by using some fresh lemon juice, olive oil & salt.  I love steamed soy beans with a bit of tamari over brown rice or have a glass of red wine at night.  Many of these foods are as common as can be like apples, cherries and garlic.  Some a little more exotic, sea cucumber, maitake mushrooms and bok choy.  I was thrilled to see Lavender on the list and not really surprised to see the citrus fruits lemon, orange & grapefruit.  I have read studies where these essential oils have been shown to not only inhibit tumor growth but have also reduced existing tumors – isn’t that remarkable?!

One of my family’s favorite supplements is Ningxia Red (click on the link for more information).  Ningxia Red is an immune supporting, antioxidant super juice that is a great addition to any diet.  It has Ningxia wolfberry purée, raspberries, blueberries, apricots, pomegranates as well as lemon & orange essential oils.  I have heard many stories of people who were undergoing cancer treatments that have found this drink to be very helpful and supportive during a very challenging time.  So helpful that their Doctor’s told them to keep doing whatever they were doing.  I know from personal use that this juice improves my eyesight, helps to reduce sugar cravings and improves my energy levels.  When I read the food list above for the first time I immediately thought of Ningxia Red because it contains several of those items.

My guess is that we’ll be hearing more and more about how certain foods can help us keep disease at bay.  See if you can find a few good ones you like and eat them more regularly.

Now pardon me, I need to go make a big pot of tomato sauce while I enjoy a glass of red wine.