Bugs are Smart!

They have a pretty good track record of surviving harsh environments, plagues and what not so I think it is safe to assume that they really know how to adapt to new situations.  Although I can admire bugs, in a National Geographic kind of way, I still don’t want them in my house or on my body.  Ick!  

That is why I am concerned about our over use of antibiotics in this country.  Patients expect something to relieve them of their ills and, unfortunately, doctors over prescribe antibiotics as a modern day cure all.  What we have done is given the bugs the answers to the test.  If we gave our kids the same exact test day after day, year after year, eventually they would know all the answers really, really well.  They would even be able to give us the answers before we gave them the test.  That is what we are doing with antibiotics.  The bugs know the answers and they are no longer waiting for the test they are now in the process of changing the test.  They have gone from students to teachers because now we are the ones trying to catch up.  Anyone that has experienced an MRSA infection or knows someone that has knows that this is not only a real problem it is one that is growing. I’ve done other posts about this problem and you can use the search box found at the upper right hand corner of this page to find those articles.

What to do?  It’s really so simple – stop using antibiotics for everything!  I heard this story on NPR this morning.  In it they discuss how antibiotics are used for sinus infections even though those infections are viral not bacterial.  Studies have shown that antibiotics are not effective in treating a virus and yet 1 out of every 5 prescriptions are for sinusitis.  The study mentioned in the story used 166 patients with sinus infections.  Half were given a placebo and half were given antibiotics.  The results found that by day 3 there were no differences between the groups.  The people on the placebo had the same outcome as those taking the antibiotics.  Where does that leave the patient with the symptoms?  Suffer it out? Not at all.  Of course there are over the counter meds but I have my concerns about those as well.  There are always ways to ease symptoms with safe, effective and natural remedies.  My family and I have successfully used essential oils for sinus infections and we would never use anything else. 

Which oils to use?  For any kind of infection, either bacterial or viral,  I always use first thieves.  I diffuse it and I put it on the bottom of my feet.  Thieves is a remarkable blend that will help you get back to feeling better quickly.  For sinus pressure I often use peppermint. I put a drop on my hand, rub my hands together, cup them over nose and inhale.  By the way, that’s awesome to do even if you don’t have a sinus infection.  Clears the passages and the mind!  It’s quite the rush!  

Breathe Again roll on is also amazing for sinus relief.   It quickly relieves sinus pressure and opens passages.  Many people are familiar with eucalyptus but you could also use Raven, R.C. or Melrose.  Inhale directly, like the peppermint or in a diffuser.  You can also apply to the area of discomfort.  One note of caution is to be careful to avoid the eye area.  I like to put a small drop of either Breathe Again or peppermint right under my nose to help clear nasal passages. I’ve also gargled with thieves and if by chance I don’t have thieves or if I want to change it up a bit I use tea tree oil.  I love alternating oils – good to keep those bugs guessing!

Do you have any favorite home remedies for sinus infections?  Post below in the comments or on my facebook page.


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A Natural Apothecary with Young Living Oils – Part III

This is Part III of how to use Young Living oils every day as a natural apothecary.  These amazing oils can be used to relieve pain, to reduce stress or depression, or to fight colds, to name just a few of the many benefits.  Better quality oils generate more therapeutic effects.  If you use an oil of lesser quality, it might have little to no effect at all.  This isn’t because essential oils aren’t beneficial, it’s because that particular oil has little to no therapeutic value.  As with so many products, quality makes a difference.  For my family, I want the very best essential oil that I can find.

If you have not read Part I or Part II please read those as well.  Once again, when I suggest ingesting an oil I am only talking about Young Living essential oils.  I personally would never ingest any other oil and I would never recommend doing so with any other oil.

Lemon – This is such an amazing oil.  Can you think of any  substance that can eat through styrofoam with just one drop and also be safely used on an infant?  I certainly can’t.  Here is a fun thing to do with your kids – one drop of YL lemon oil on a styrofoam cup.  Watch as it instantly begins to eat away at the chemicals in the cup.  It’s pretty cool.  It makes me think about all those uninvited chemicals that are floating around in my body and I wonder (and hope) that when I add some lemon to my water or on my skin it is able to eat up all those unwanted invaders.  I really hope so.  Lemon oil gives a boost to our immune systems and is gentle enough for infants and young children.  It’s also part of my anti-wrinkle, brighten up my skin bed time routine (see the recipe under Frankincense below).  It is a photosensitive oil so use on areas that are not exposed to direct sunlight (like the bottom of the feet) if you are going outside after applying.  Here is a link to a PubMed abstract about D-limonene, which is found in lemon oil, and it’s clinical applications.

  • I like to add  a few drops to my water bottle for taste and so that I get a nice dose of limonene, an antitumoral that has been shown to not only inhibit tumor growth but to regress it as well.
  • Permanent marker on your walls?  Not a match for lemon oil.  Also works on sticky residues as well.
  • Massage into the feet for an immune boost if you are sick or feel like you might be coming down with something.  Can be used on infants, children or adults.

Purification – This is such a handy oil to have around the house.  It is awesome at deodorizing unwanted smells like my dogs when they are in need of a bath or when, on the very rare occasion,  I forget my laundry in the washing machine for a day too long.  My favorite ways for using this oil are…

  • A few drops in a spray bottle with water.  I use it in the bathrooms, on the dogs beds, even on the dogs themselves!
  • As a bug repellent, use the same spray bottle and spray clothes, skin or dogs to repel bugs.  Also use directly, undiluted,  on a bug bite.
  • A few drops on a cotton ball and vacuum up and you will deodorize your rooms as you clean them!
  • Use to clean cuts & scrapes.

Frankincense - I love Frankincense (ok, I love them all)!  At first I was not that  enamored with this oil when I got it.  But it has certainly grown on me.  I love using it at night before bed on my face.   It is a great oil for meditation or prayer and has shown in numerous studies it’s ability to shut down cancer cells without harming healthy cells ( genius!).  For links to that study and a lot more information about this incredible oil please see my post, “The Awesome Power of Frankincense”. Frankincense supports the immune system, is an anti-tumoral and is also great for skin.

  • Anti -wrinkle routine:  One drop lemon – use only at night, brightens skin (and lightens sun spots).  One drop frankincense & one drop lavender.  I put them on one by one.   As our skin cells take at least 30 days to regenerate do this at night for at least that amount of time.  I have personally seen improvement in less time though.
  • If you feel sick this oil can be taken internally, diffused or applied right on area of concern.  If you take internally, start with 3 drops in a double oo capsule.
  • Use one drop directly on warts or moles.  Repeat as often as needed until the desired effect has been achieved.

I hope you have enjoyed this three part series.  I have just touched on some of the many, many uses for these oils.  All of the oils in this three part series can be found in the Everyday Oils kit.  It is an awesome kit to have whether you are new to oils or have been using them for years.  The small bottles are perfect to keep in your bag or are great to travel with.  I love sharing these oils and I know that once you try them you will notice the difference.  Please contact me if you have any questions about any Young Living oils or products.

Can’t wait to get started using Young Living Oils?  Great! See my “How to Order Young Living Oils” page for more details.

Francine Smith blogs about Young Living Essential oils.  You can find more posts at www.younglivinglife.com


A Natural Apothecary with Young Living Essential Oils – Part I

My husband had just left with the kids to run some errands, at least that was what I thought, when the door opened and  he came back in.  He had accidentally closed the car door on his hand which left a big gash on his thumb.  My first thought was to grab my oils and I ran for my lavender.  I could see he was in pain and the gash was nasty.  He rinsed his finger and put some pressure on it.  He was a bit resistant about using the lavender but he finally did relent and immediately I could see he felt some relief.  We put a few drops on, bandaged him up and off he went.  When he took the band-aid off later that day he was amazed at how nicely his wound was healing.  His comment to me was something like you need to tell everyone about this stuff!

This post is about using oils every day as an at-home apothecary for boo-boos and wrinkles and everything in between.  I invite you to leave comments about your favorite oils and how you use them.  All of these oils are safe to use on children unless otherwise noted.

I know I say this in every post but quality really does make a difference.  If you want therapeutic results than you have to use a therapeutic grade essential oil.  Otherwise, you may have a nice smelling oil without the therapeutic benefits.

From the Young Living website:

“The process Young Living uses when planting, cultivating, harvesting, and distilling a batch of oil is crucial to retaining its vital compounds. Without the exact blend of naturally-occurring plant chemicals, an essential oil can lose its beneficial properties and fail to produce the desired effect.

Young Living Therapeutic Grade (YLTG) means that every essential oil Young Living distills or sources has the optimal naturally-occurring blend of constituents to maximize the desired effect. Young Living is able to make this assertion because of our strict cultivation process—illustrated by the Four Ps—that guarantees the optimal potency of every Young Living essential oil.”

The four P’s are – Plants, Preparation, Purity, Potency.  By planting the right plants, in the right place, distilling them at the right time and in the right way, testing every batch to insure purity and using the highest standards to maximize the effectiveness of the oil.  See this link for more details on YL’s four P’s.

Lavender – I have to start here because it is my go-to oil for injuries.  When in doubt, use lavender.  Lavender was used in WWII in field hospitals to relieve pain and speed up the recovery process.

  • Cuts, scrapes, bruises, burns – apply as quickly as possible and as often as needed
  • Calms the nervous system, aids better sleep, may help prevent snoring – rub on the back of the neck, the chest, the wrists or feet
  • Great for skin, stretch marks
  • Wrinkle recipe – 1 drop lavender, 1 drop lemon, 1 drop frankincense – use at night directly on face

Thieves – is a Young Living blend that has clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus radiata, and rosemary.  It is an antimicrobial, antiviral, antibacterial combination that has been shown to kill mold more effectively than more traditional cleaners, like bleach.  What’s more, it’s not toxic.  Use to boost immunity and to prevent sickness.

  • Take internally when you think you might be coming down with something start with 3 drops in a capsule – add 2 drops of oregano if available
  • Rub on the bottom of the feet for general immunity
  • Take a drop on the tongue or add a drop or two to a small glass of water and gargle for a sore throat
  • Drop on the thumb and press to the roof of the mouth for a headache
  • Apply directly to warts or nail fungus

Valor - has become one of my favorite oils.  It is a great grounding blend and is known to support energy alignment in the body.  It can also quickly reduce swelling caused by injuries.

  • One drop on wrists or one on each foot to help align the body
  • Use with Harmony, Joy and White Angelica as part of the mood elevating protocol
  • Use as much as needed as quickly as possible on injuries like broken bones or “goose egg” bruises.  When my son broke his nose valor was the first oil I was able to put on him and I noticed a visible difference in the swelling after applying.  It’s truly remarkable to see.
  • also good to use for trauma, postpartum or grieving

These are just 3 of the 9 oils that are part of the everyday oils collection and of course, these are just a few of the ways you can use these oils to enhance a healthy lifestyle.

Can’t wait to get started using Young Living Oils?  Great! See my “How to Order Young Living Oils” page for more details.

Francine Smith blogs about Young Living Essential oils.  You can find more posts at www.younglivinglife.com