Essential Oils for the Winter and Holiday Seasons

It’s been awhile since I posted but that does not mean I have not been using my oils.  As a family we still use them on a daily basis and I am still, even after all these years, amazed by all that they do!  Below is a summary of my favorite oils to use for the fall, winter and holiday seasons.  Stock up now, before you need them.  I’ve learned this lesson the hard way.  (Sigh). 



A powerful blend of cinnamon, clove, rosemary and lemon oils.  You know when one person comes home sick and soon the rest of the family follows?  Wouldn’t it be super awesome if there was a way to stop that from happening?  At the first sign of a sniffle in the house I start diffusing thieves.  It helps the person that’s sick but it also helps to make sure the rest of us don’t get whatever they have.  Total win – win.  
Seasonal uses:
  • Feeling unwell?  Diffuse and rub on the bottom of your feet.  A couple of drops on each foot.  Repeat as needed.
  • Rub on a sore throat and/or you can gargle with a drop in a glass of water.  Thieves is strong so start with one drop and add or dilute with water as needed.  
  • My husband and I also put 3 or more drops in an empty 00 capsule and take internally.  Please note, I only recommend using Young Living Oils when taking them internally.

Other uses:

  • Oral care.  I have eased sore gums and sore teeth by applying thieves to the area that hurt. 
  • Diffuse to kill germs before anyone gets sick.  Get’em before they get you!
  • Rub on feet, kids and adults, during flu season as a preventative measure.



It’s amazing how much I use this oil.  This is a must have all year long, especially if you live in the desert like I do. 

Seasonal uses:

  • Fever –  I find that a few drops on each foot help to bring a fever down quickly.  Peppermint is a natural coolant, which is why it is always in my water bottle during the hot desert summers.  
  • Stomach pain – Put one drop in at least 12 oz or more of water ( use glass or stainless steel – not plastic)  and drink (dilute with more water if needed).  You can also rub on the stomach to help relieve stomach pain, including indigestion, gas, bloating, etc.
  • Sinus relief -put one drop in the palm of your hand.  Rub hands together, bring them to your nose and inhale.  Whew, what a rush!  It opens sinuses and clears out the cobwebs in one fell swoop. 

Other uses for peppermint:  I keep an old glass juice bottle (about 32 oz) filled with water and 2 or 3 drops of peppermint in my fridge for the following uses…

  • As a natural appetite suppressant.  
  • It is great for digestion.  Too much turkey?  Have a glass of peppermint water.  It’s amazing how quickly it works.
  • Need a pick me up?  Have too much to do?  Peppermint is great to help clear the mind.  Inhale/diffuse if you need to have a bit more clarity or focus in your day.
  • Nausea – inhale as needed.


This is another year round must have at all times oil.  I use lavender everyday and start to panic if I get a little low! 

Seasonal uses:

  • Use a drop or two on cracked hands.  If my hands get so dry that they crack/bleed I put on some lavender then layer with a salve.  Repeat as needed.
  • Cooking in the kitchen sometimes means getting a cut with a knife (my husband did this just last night) or a burn from the stove.  Run, don’t walk, and get the hurt area covered in lavender stat!  The faster you get it on the faster the healing will begin.  If it is a serious burn please seek medical attention.  I have used lavender on so many burns, cuts and bruises and each and every time I am stunned by how quickly the area heals.  
  • A natural antihistamine.  I never had allergies until I moved to the desert.  Once I figured out that I had them I took lavender in a capsule internally and my symptoms cleared up.  I also use it on my face, around the sinuses, being careful to avoid the eye area.  

Other uses:

  • Use on the face for blemishes
  • As a sleep aid
  • To reduce stress
  • Air freshener.  A few drops in a glass water bottle is a great way to freshen the air, sheets, bathrooms, car, etc. 

Peace & Calming

This is the oil that changed the way I looked at essential oils.  One night I watched as it transformed my almost 3 year old son from not wanting to settle down and go to bed into cooperating with us,  getting dressed and into bed and asleep in minutes.  It was miraculous!  I wanted to order a lifetime supply right then and there.  Peace & Calming is a blend of tangerine,orange, ylang ylang, patchouli and blue tansy.

Seasonal uses:

  • Stress & Anxiety.  The holidays are great but are also a time of year of added stress and anxiety.  Peace & calming soothes, calms and relaxes.  It works on adults as well as children.  
  • Sleep aid.  I would rub my kids feet with this blend before bed and they would easily drift off.  I would then have to wash my hands because if I didn’t I would find myself getting sleepy!   It is a great oil to have when you need to settle down and get a good nights rest and of course there are no side effects in the morning.

Other uses:

  • I know people that use Peace & Calming when they have a big presentation.
  • Anytime you want to ease a stressful situation.
  • I used it on my dog who gets stressed out when meeting other dogs.  Which stresses me out so it helped both of us!
  • Over active kid or kids.  Put it on yourself and walk around the kids to calm them down. 
  • Can be helpful for those with mental disabilities.


This is the oil that started me using essential oils.  It is a blend of bergamot, ylang ylang, geranium, rosewood, lemon, mandarin, jasmine, Roman chamomile, palmarosa and rose.  I use this oil everyday and I love it.  Once I started using Joy I had to give away my best perfumes because I could no longer tolerate the synthetic chemicals in those products.

Seasonal uses:

  • Depression.  People don’t like to talk about depression around the holidays but it happens.  A lot.  There is so much going on.  This time of year demands more of our time and our finances which can be overwhelming.  Throw in some crazy family members and it can all be just too much.  A few drops over your heart, behind your neck, and or on your wrists will help to lift your mood.
  • Seasonal mood disorder.  The lack of sun can be a problem for some people and this oil can help ease those tough months.

Other uses:

  • I use this blend, with valor, harmony & white angelica everyday.  It’s my favorite combination of oils and I do believe it helps to support my emotional well being.  I often get comments of "You smell so good".  I will never forget the first time I actually noticed as it transformed someone before my eyes.  I watched as her face changed from scowling to relaxed and smiling after one whiff! 


Please note all of these recommendations are for Young Living Essential OIls.  If you chose to use another oil you may not get the same results.  Please do not take any oil internally unless you are 100% certain that it is safe to do so.  I only use Young Living Oils and  would personally never use or take any other essential oils internally.  

Essential Oils precautions -

  • Keep oils away from the eyes.  If an oil does get in your eye you can flush with olive oil if needed.
  • Use a fatty oil, like olive oil, if you need to dilute an oil.  Do Not use water.  Water pushes an oil in.  Fatty oils, dilute.
  • When essential oils are used wisely you will enjoy better health, naturally.


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Bugs are Smart!

They have a pretty good track record of surviving harsh environments, plagues and what not so I think it is safe to assume that they really know how to adapt to new situations.  Although I can admire bugs, in a National Geographic kind of way, I still don’t want them in my house or on my body.  Ick!  

That is why I am concerned about our over use of antibiotics in this country.  Patients expect something to relieve them of their ills and, unfortunately, doctors over prescribe antibiotics as a modern day cure all.  What we have done is given the bugs the answers to the test.  If we gave our kids the same exact test day after day, year after year, eventually they would know all the answers really, really well.  They would even be able to give us the answers before we gave them the test.  That is what we are doing with antibiotics.  The bugs know the answers and they are no longer waiting for the test they are now in the process of changing the test.  They have gone from students to teachers because now we are the ones trying to catch up.  Anyone that has experienced an MRSA infection or knows someone that has knows that this is not only a real problem it is one that is growing. I’ve done other posts about this problem and you can use the search box found at the upper right hand corner of this page to find those articles.

What to do?  It’s really so simple – stop using antibiotics for everything!  I heard this story on NPR this morning.  In it they discuss how antibiotics are used for sinus infections even though those infections are viral not bacterial.  Studies have shown that antibiotics are not effective in treating a virus and yet 1 out of every 5 prescriptions are for sinusitis.  The study mentioned in the story used 166 patients with sinus infections.  Half were given a placebo and half were given antibiotics.  The results found that by day 3 there were no differences between the groups.  The people on the placebo had the same outcome as those taking the antibiotics.  Where does that leave the patient with the symptoms?  Suffer it out? Not at all.  Of course there are over the counter meds but I have my concerns about those as well.  There are always ways to ease symptoms with safe, effective and natural remedies.  My family and I have successfully used essential oils for sinus infections and we would never use anything else. 

Which oils to use?  For any kind of infection, either bacterial or viral,  I always use first thieves.  I diffuse it and I put it on the bottom of my feet.  Thieves is a remarkable blend that will help you get back to feeling better quickly.  For sinus pressure I often use peppermint. I put a drop on my hand, rub my hands together, cup them over nose and inhale.  By the way, that’s awesome to do even if you don’t have a sinus infection.  Clears the passages and the mind!  It’s quite the rush!  

Breathe Again roll on is also amazing for sinus relief.   It quickly relieves sinus pressure and opens passages.  Many people are familiar with eucalyptus but you could also use Raven, R.C. or Melrose.  Inhale directly, like the peppermint or in a diffuser.  You can also apply to the area of discomfort.  One note of caution is to be careful to avoid the eye area.  I like to put a small drop of either Breathe Again or peppermint right under my nose to help clear nasal passages. I’ve also gargled with thieves and if by chance I don’t have thieves or if I want to change it up a bit I use tea tree oil.  I love alternating oils – good to keep those bugs guessing!

Do you have any favorite home remedies for sinus infections?  Post below in the comments or on my facebook page.


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Allergies and Young Living Essential Oils

Yay, spring!!  For those that live in more seasonal climates it is a time for new leaves on the trees and flowers to start blooming.  About a year ago my family and I moved from Brooklyn to Tucson.  As this past winter wore on and I would hear of one big snowstorm after another I would feel quite content with our new desert environment. But now, knowing that spring is on its way I do feel a tug at my heartstrings just a bit.  I miss the first green on the trees, the first flowers showing off their shiny new colors and I really miss a certain tree in my old neighborhood that would smell soooooo good in the late spring/early summer.

For some, with spring comes allergies.  I never had allergies and at 43 I thought I was safe from ever getting them but apparently that might not be so.  I’m not sure if it’s because I am not used to these desert spores or just my body changing with age but this fall and now this past week I have had some allergic symptoms. I’m often asked what oils work well for allergies and I have personally found lavender to be amazing.  I had a bit of a runny nose the last couple of days and when I finally had the  oh-this-might-be-allergies- realization I put about 3 drops of lavender in a capsule.  That cleared up my runny nose for the day with no adverse side effects like some over-the-counter medicines can have.  I first tried lavender for allergies this fall when I realized that a desert weed was the cause of what I thought to be a never ending cold.  I was using my oils, and they helped, but when I used the lavender internally it was like magic how quickly my never-ending-cold finally ended.

Here is a link to the essential oil testimonial website page about allergies.    And below are a couple of posts that I found interesting…

“I have several friends with children who have allergies/asthma that come and visit my farm. Normally after 15 minutes in my barn, and around my animals, they come out with swollen eyes, stuffy noses, red faces, and going to Mom for Benadryl, or inhalers, or what have you.

I got rather frustrated so made a rule that if these children wanted to be in my barn, they had to use two oils before entering! First I had them put Lavender on the palm of one hand, rub their hands together, and then wipe their hands on their faces, necks, and arms, and anything not covered. I had them do the same with Peppermint, but only had them inhale this from cupped hands over their noses, but not wiping it on themselves.

Now these kids can spend hours in the barn with no ill effects – no runny noses, no swollen eyes, ect. I was amazed and delighted because now they can spend time with the animals which they love.”

And this one as well…

“I used to use steroid nasal inhalers every late summer until the first killing frost for my allergies. I no longer need to because I’ve discovered Lavender oil. I put a few drops on the bottoms of my feet, chest and throat, every morning. I experimented and stopped doing it once, and by the 3rd day the allergies were back. Once I resumed, they were gone again within 24 hours.”

There are also many other oils that can help relieve symptoms.  R.C. is great for any chest congestion and Breath Again roll on really helps clear nasal and sinus passages. I have also heard that Sulfurzyme and Ningxia Red are great supplements to add to your diet.  Both will give your immune system support and will help to get some relief from allergy symptoms.

Want to try something new this allergy season?  Great!  See my “How to Order Young Living Oils” page for more details.

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The mighty power of Thieves. How Young Living Oils can help you survive the cold and flu season

When I started with Young Living I would constantly hear about the Thieves blend and how amazing it was.  Really, all the hype kinda bugged me.  Then I used the stuff and as they say “the proof is in the pudding”.   So what’s so great about thieves?  So glad you asked!

The Thieves blend has a great story behind it so let’s start there.  Back in the middle ages, during the plague, there were a bunch of spice merchants who were locked in a town.  Unable to move on to sell their spices elsewhere they went about robbing from the dead and the dying.  Once they were captured the king offered them a most generous deal – spill the beans on how they were able keep from getting sick and he would give them a quick death instead of a long slow painful one.  Very generous offer don’t you think?  So they told the king which herbs they used and the king posted the recipe for all to see.  The ingredients that those thieves used is now bottled by Young Living and is the basis for the entire Thieves line.

I know some people who use the Thieves blend nearly every day and who have not gotten any major cold or flu in years (Hi Mom!).  I use it on a seasonal and as-needed basis.  If the kids have a sneeze or a sniffle that I think might be the beginning of something, out comes the Thieves.  I will put a drop or two on their feet and I will diffuse it while they watch tv.  If I hear that there is something going around at their school, again, out comes the Thieves.  It is so much easier to put a drop on each foot before they get dressed for school than having them stay home because they are sick.  I use it if I feel the slightest hint of a sore throat.  Even if I were to get a full-blown flu I would want Thieves by my side because I know whatever I have will go away much, much faster with it than without it.

How do you use Thieves?

Put a couple of drops on your feet or, if you have a sore throat, on your neck as well.  Repeat as needed.   Once a day is fine for prevention but if you already have a bug use it as often as you can.

Diffuse, diffuse, diffuse!!!  If anyone in your home gets sick or if you want to prevent sickness in the first place, then the thing to do is to diffuse Thieves.  Why?  It is clinically proven to kill those nasty bugger germs.  So if one person gets sick you will be helping them to get better faster and you will be protecting the healthy ones from getting it.

Internal consumption – Thieves can be put directly on the tongue (can you handle the Thieves?!), it can be added to water or you can put a few drops in a capsule, size “00″, and ingest.  When fighting colds or the flu many people add oregano to the capsules as well.  I would start with 3 drops of oils and you could add olive oil to the capsule if you like.  Young Living also makes a supplement called Inner Defense which is Thieves plus oregano, thyme and a few other ingredients.  Another terrific blend!

I do not recommend consuming any other essential oils other than Young Living.  Please see my “Why choose Young Living” page for more details about oil quality.  Even if the label says it is “100% pure”  it probably isn’t the case.  Unless you know the company and trust its oils, do not consume them internally.

I talk about Thieves and mold in my Sept. 24th post “Why essential oils work best for mold” and I also talk about the Thieves cleaning products in the “How dirty is your soap?” post from Sept. 9th.

Young Living has a fantastic promotion going on until the end of October.  If you place an order of 175pv in merchandise, Young Living will send you a 15ml bottle of Thieves as well as a Thieves hand sanitizer and a Thieves spray.  Please see the “Monthly Promotions” page for details.  Also, please see the “How to order Young Living Oils” page if you would like to get started with Young Living.

Here’s to hoping you and yours stay healthy this cold and flu season.