Allergies and Young Living Essential Oils

Yay, spring!!  For those that live in more seasonal climates it is a time for new leaves on the trees and flowers to start blooming.  About a year ago my family and I moved from Brooklyn to Tucson.  As this past winter wore on and I would hear of one big snowstorm after another I would feel quite content with our new desert environment. But now, knowing that spring is on its way I do feel a tug at my heartstrings just a bit.  I miss the first green on the trees, the first flowers showing off their shiny new colors and I really miss a certain tree in my old neighborhood that would smell soooooo good in the late spring/early summer.

For some, with spring comes allergies.  I never had allergies and at 43 I thought I was safe from ever getting them but apparently that might not be so.  I’m not sure if it’s because I am not used to these desert spores or just my body changing with age but this fall and now this past week I have had some allergic symptoms. I’m often asked what oils work well for allergies and I have personally found lavender to be amazing.  I had a bit of a runny nose the last couple of days and when I finally had the  oh-this-might-be-allergies- realization I put about 3 drops of lavender in a capsule.  That cleared up my runny nose for the day with no adverse side effects like some over-the-counter medicines can have.  I first tried lavender for allergies this fall when I realized that a desert weed was the cause of what I thought to be a never ending cold.  I was using my oils, and they helped, but when I used the lavender internally it was like magic how quickly my never-ending-cold finally ended.

Here is a link to the essential oil testimonial website page about allergies.    And below are a couple of posts that I found interesting…

“I have several friends with children who have allergies/asthma that come and visit my farm. Normally after 15 minutes in my barn, and around my animals, they come out with swollen eyes, stuffy noses, red faces, and going to Mom for Benadryl, or inhalers, or what have you.

I got rather frustrated so made a rule that if these children wanted to be in my barn, they had to use two oils before entering! First I had them put Lavender on the palm of one hand, rub their hands together, and then wipe their hands on their faces, necks, and arms, and anything not covered. I had them do the same with Peppermint, but only had them inhale this from cupped hands over their noses, but not wiping it on themselves.

Now these kids can spend hours in the barn with no ill effects – no runny noses, no swollen eyes, ect. I was amazed and delighted because now they can spend time with the animals which they love.”

And this one as well…

“I used to use steroid nasal inhalers every late summer until the first killing frost for my allergies. I no longer need to because I’ve discovered Lavender oil. I put a few drops on the bottoms of my feet, chest and throat, every morning. I experimented and stopped doing it once, and by the 3rd day the allergies were back. Once I resumed, they were gone again within 24 hours.”

There are also many other oils that can help relieve symptoms.  R.C. is great for any chest congestion and Breath Again roll on really helps clear nasal and sinus passages. I have also heard that Sulfurzyme and Ningxia Red are great supplements to add to your diet.  Both will give your immune system support and will help to get some relief from allergy symptoms.

Want to try something new this allergy season?  Great!  See my “How to Order Young Living Oils” page for more details.

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